Drop in Centre
This is a well attended event happening every Wednesday afternoon at the Church





Every Wednesday morning we open up the church and invite folk in if they need help, support or just a cup of tea. We fill in forms, make phone calls and read correspondence for people . We also signpost people to others who can help and advice when it is asked for. The problems people have are often linked to money worries.

Every 2nd Wednesday we also include a hearing clinic which helps folk who need support with hearing aids (batteries, etc).

We are part of a citywide Place of Welcome venture which is advertised across Birmingham.

Everyone who comes in knows this is part of the ministry of the church. This year the footfall will be over 700 folk.

We miss Paul, whose family problems means he can’t help us at the moment. However, Marcia, Jim, Carole, Cornilious and myself are regulars. Rob and Maggie also help when they are needed.

We can always use others to support us or fill in when regulars can’t attend.

This is probably the biggest outreach into the community that is part of the ministry of the church.

Ken Hazel – Leader